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QA Lead

QA Lead

Experience: 10-12 Years

Location: Noida


Team Lead

Who are you?A seasoned QA Lead with at least 10 years of experience in the field of QA, you bring a wealth of knowledge and leadership to our team. With over a decade of hands-on experience, you have honed your skills and expertise, making you a trusted authority in quality assurance.
You have a track record of leading teams of 5 or more testers, managing both manual and automated testing efforts across a wide spectrum of technologies. You are a QA professional who leads by example, demonstrating your dedication to quality and your ability to delve deep into the technical intricacies of our applications. Your meticulous attention to detail ensures that no aspect of testing goes overlooked.
Technically savvy and versatile, your ability to tackle diverse challenges speaks volumes about your adaptability and expertise.
You don t merely oversee testing; you act as a delivery manager, adept at planning and executing testing strategies, and continuously improving processes through iterative approaches. Your proficiency in conveying delivery status through Gantt charts and dashboards keeps stakeholders well-informed and confident in our progress.
Honesty and candor are your hallmarks. You are unafraid to speak your mind and provide straightforward feedback when necessary, fostering open and productive communication within the team.
Your multifaceted expertise and leadership qualities, combined with your extensive experience, make you an invaluable asset to our QA team. You are the driving force behind our pursuit of excellence and our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to our customers.
Job Description or What will you do – 

Lead and mentor a team of 5 or more testers, setting a high standard for quality and performance. Share your expertise and provide guidance to foster professional growth within the team.
Testing Strategy: Develop and execute comprehensive testing strategies encompassing various technologies and platforms. Ensure that our applications meet and exceed quality benchmarks.
Cross-Platform Expertise: Apply your technical versatility to oversee testing efforts across a wide spectrum of technologies and platforms, from web applications to real-time communication systems.
Delivery Management: Act as a delivery manager, planning and executing testing efforts while continuously improving processes through iterative approaches.
Communication: Effectively communicate delivery status and progress to stakeholders using tools such as Gantt charts and dashboards. Ensure transparency and confidence in our testing efforts.
Honest Feedback: Foster a culture of open and honest communication within the team. Provide straightforward feedback when necessary to drive quality improvements.
Test and Release Planning: Create and review test plans and release plans to ensure comprehensive test coverage and successful product releases.
Mentorship: Mentor QA engineers within the team, sharing your knowledge and expertise to foster their professional development.
Velocity Improvement: Collaborate with the team to improve team velocity, enhancing our ability to deliver high-quality products efficiently.
Automation: Continuously work to improve home grown automation framework and tests coverage, reducing manual testing efforts and increasing the reliability of automated tests.
Resource Allocation: Efficiently allocate resources to testing efforts, optimizing team productivity.
Training and Team Building: Analyze team skill sets, identify gaps, and implement training programs to bridge these gaps. Promote team building and collaboration to maximize the effectiveness of the QA team.
Global Team Collaboration: Collaborate with a globally distributed team, leveraging the strengths and capabilities of team members across different locations.

Key Qualifications  -Must Have:

Minimum of 10 years of extensive experience in the field of Quality Assurance and Test Automation.
QA Leadership:
Proven leadership experience or a strong desire to take on leadership responsibilities within a QA team, at least 5 years and leading a team of 4 or more QA and Automation Engineers.
3+ Years of Test Automation Experience: You should have at least 3 years of hands-on experience in test automation, with expertise in Python, pytest, Selenium, and/or Appium.
CI/CD Expertise: Strong expertise in setting up and configuring Jenkins for CI/CD pipelines.
Networking Knowledge: In-depth knowledge of networking protocols and configurations.
Database Proficiency: Proven experience with databases, including querying, troubleshooting, configuration, and upgrade tasks.
Unix Administration: Proficiency in Unix administration, including bash scripting and Python scripting. Additional scripting languages are recommended.
Testing Experience with Various Technologies: Experience in testing systems running Java, Apache, Tomcat, and Node.js.
Performance Optimization: Proven experience in testing, identifying bottlenecks, and optimizing performance in load testing scenarios.
Microservices Testing: Experience in testing microservice environments.
Troubleshooting Skills: Proficiency in troubleshooting through logs and observability tools to identify and resolve issues.
Leading Test Automation Engineers: Demonstrated ability to lead and mentor test automation engineers to achieve exceptional results.
API Testing: Experience in testing APIs, including SOAP and RESTful services.
Quality Improvement: A proven track record of improving quality through tracking, dashboards, planning, and execution.
Security Testing:
Experience in testing for security vulnerabilities, including familiarity with OWASP principles and practices.
Communication:  Excellent communication and collaboration skills, both verbal and written.
A Bachelor s degree in Computer Science or a related field (or equivalent experience).

Nice to Have: 

Real Time:
Experience in testing real-time communication systems, including webRTC.
Familiarity with testing protocols such as RTMP, SRTP, signaling protocols (e.g., SIP), etc.
Background in Java development to better understand and assess Java-based applications.
Cloud Testing:
Experience in testing applications deployed on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.
QA Certification: Consider certifications like ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) or ASQ (American Society for Quality) Certified Quality Engineer (CQE).
Agile Certification: Consider certifications like Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) or PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) for Agile expertise and leadership in an Agile-driven QA environment.

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